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Too Long; Didn't Read. TL;DR

Are your social media posts too long?

So you have a small business Facebook and Instagram page.

You have noticed that organic posts are just not getting the amplification you used to get.

There are a few reasons that this could be happening.

Here is two.

1/ Facebook is a business built on advertising – so they want you to advertise, so the organic posts will be more challenging to get traction.

2/ Too Long; Didn't Read TL;DR

Facebook is all about engagement with readers, so your non-relevant posts will not get good distribution on the platform.

The Facebook business model for business pages is all about advertising revenue. However, the platform allows you to post organically to get the best results; advertising is the way to go. In addition, these organic posts are increasingly only showing up to a small audience, i.e. existing users, so if you are looking for new customers, then time to advertise and amplify your message out into the market place.

It doesn't cost a lot to start advertising – just a few dollars a day.

Too Long; Didn't Read TL;DR. So avoid the "see more" on your post unless it's a relevant and exciting valuable post.

Research has shown that 85 % of Facebook users won't click on the "see more" expansion link.

So get your message out in the first few words. Also, the current trend is only to post, say, 3 to 4 times a week. So mainly, the organic post is only really going to the same people.

The trick is finding your customers and new ones, then engage and targeting them with an offer that will make them connect and buy from you—more about this in future blogs.

About the Author

Mark Bentham – is a member of the Facebook Leaders Network and has been involved in promotions and training provided by Facebook.

He also runs some successful e-commerce businesses.

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