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Portable Fast WiFi

Portable Fast WiFi

Get connected to our new fast Wireless Portable Internet Service. Take a 12-month subscription and save $20 a month. 

Get online fast with broadband speeds of up to 20 Mbps up and download. This is enough to stream Netflix and other services. Covers the whole of Broome plus up to Coconut Well.

$120 per month or part of. Includes rental of modem plus data. Charged monthly in advance by subscription.


Unlimited data fair use policy applies

Connect many users via WiFi to the modem.

Fast set up and connection dependant on stock availability.

Twelve Month Subscription - Renews Automatically. 

Ideal for -

If you are located in a Non-NBN service area.




Waiting for NBN connection

Back up service


A security deposit of $200 is required for equipment and service.


Please contact me first re availability and suggested use.


Fair Use Policy Unlimited data.

This is a mobile data service offering wireless broadband for acceptable use.

Unlike NBN or fixed service, this has limited data throughput. Excessive data usage will limit performance.







    Sales Tax Included
    Price Options
    Portable Fast WiFi
    Twelve Month Subscription
    AU$1,300.00every year until canceled
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