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Goodbye to dead spots in your home, business Wi-Fi coverage with wireless mesh network technology.

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Many homes and businesses, need to offer Wi-Fi coverage throughout the space. It can be challenging to pick up a signal if the Wi-Fi router must pass through several rooms, walls, and doors. Wi-Fi repeaters, amplifiers, and extenders have effectively extended the web host range.

Boosters and extenders can provide whole-home, office, and warehouse Wi-Fi coverage, but they can be fiddly to set up and don't always offer a fully integrated solution. This is where wireless mesh networks come into play. They can provide Wi-Fi coverage anywhere in your home by using nodes that connect to a router via dedicated cables and Wi-Fi. They can positively affect any black spot in your premises by creating what appears to be a Wi-Fi dome.

What is a wireless mesh network?

Wireless Wi-Fi mesh networking is a networking technology that resembles and operates similarly to wireless repeaters, wireless boosters, and extenders. It uses several nodes to collectively supply an extensive wireless network that cannot be achieved by a typical router.

Each satellite can connect to the base unit, which should be connected to your existing wireless router or modem, to supply an internet connection.

The idea is to arrange your wireless router in your home, with the satellite units adjacent to it anywhere that your own router may have trouble providing a usable signal.

How do mesh networks work?

Mesh kits typically include a wireless router and at least a couple of nodes (you can easily add more satellites to the system if desired). The main satellite of a mesh network plugs into the existing router or modem and produces its own wireless network, which is then broadcast by the numerous satellites in that network.

A wireless repeater doesn't distinguish a signal from the main router. With additional units, the signal becomes even more neglected, causing the computer code to become weaker.

Mesh kits, however, can retain reception since they rely on their internet connection to create a network. They do not increase your existing network; as a result, it might be a good idea to disable your existing network before your mesh kit works on its own. They will not interfere with one another, yet it will be beneficial for things to be ordered and organized.

If you would like to know more about Wi-Fi Mesh installed in your house, office or warehouse contact us for a chat via our contact page.


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