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Don't open that text!

Have you been hit by random text messages from unknown mobile numbers?🤔

The chances are you like many Australians you have.😢

These are known by the name "Flubot."👾

What is a Flubot? ☠

It's mobile malware.

It sends you a text message notifying you of a missed call or voicemail along with a link.


Anyone can get the message. It affects your mobile phone only if you click the link.

What happens if you click on the link? 🤔

Mobile malware will try to be installed on your device if your device allows installations outside of trusted locations (like the Google Play or the iTunes store).

If you clicked the link and the malware has infected your mobile.

It will access all your private information on your phone, including passwords and other sensitive information and send it to scammers. The malware then copies your contacts to send the scam message to them (but the sender won't be listed as you).

How can you protect your phone? 🤔

Don't click the link, delete the message, and block the sender.

Some phone software lets you report the number also.

If you want to check if you have the malware on your phone, check for a new app called "Voicemail" with a blue cassette in a yellow envelope. If you try to uninstall the app, you'll be met with an error message: "You cannot perform this action on a system service". Most popular anti-virus mobile apps will fix the issue.

More about me, I am based in the North West of Western Australia.

I first started telecommunications in 1991.

I consulted for large and medium businesses and sell direct NBN and mobile services to consumers and small businesses in Australia. Want a better deal this includes service please get in contact via messenger or via my website

Mark Bentham

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