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Best Mobile Networks for Regional Travel in Western Australia in 2022.

Updated: Jan 14

So, what is the best mobile network for regional WA if you regularly travel outside large towns?

The thing was, a few years ago, I would have said. Telstra.

Well, today, it is a little more complicated. These days you would need two networks.

· Telstra

· Optus

On holidays, I first came to the Kimberley area in 2001 and moved to Broome part-time in 2004. In 2008. I was involved in a federal and state-funded program to bring broadband to remote parts of Kimberley.

I first entered the mobile phone industry in 1991 with Vodafone, so I was there initially. I live in the most fantastic part of Australia, the Kimberley, which has its mobile coverage challenges. I do specialize in remote voice and data solutions.

Communication has always been an issue in remote Australia especially mobile; until now, Telstra has been the leading player; however, that is changing with Government support through funding programs like the Federal Black Spot Mobile Funding Program.

Optus has been rolling out small cells around WA, especially in the Kimberley; arguably, they have better coverage up the Gibb River Road than Telstra.

So, having two sim cards, Telstra and Optus is the way to go if you do a lot of regional travel in Australia.

Mobile vendors like Samsung have introduced dual sim card phones into the Australian market, so one phone has two or even three networks. These phones are great, and I can recommend them enabling you to carry only one phone. Many use

one sim for business and the other for personal use.

Just to let you know, I have all three networks plus other products that will keep you connected.

Satellite phones and portable emergency units can be rented or purchased if you need to be in contact all the time.

Future Mobile - Recently Vodafone - TPG and Telstra announced a deal where users of either service can roam on the other network. The exact detail of how this will work is still not announced yet. however, it is likely that if you have a Vodafone service you will be able to roam on the Telstra mobile network when you are out of range of Vodafone.

Game changer for remote users.

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Remote mobile broadband. Coming soon, Starlink has announced a new RV version of their satellite service which currently works in the southern part of Australia - the whole of Australia is due in early 2023. This enables speeds of 100 to 300 Mbps the service can be switched off and reactivated at will. So, if you are a digital nomad, you can now go more remote.

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